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Contact me.

I encourage you to call or email me with any specific questions or concerns you might have about working with me before making a first appointment. It is understandable to me that you would want to ensure that I could sit with you and your issues without a) needing to be educated on your lifestyle, or b) trying to 

make your lifestyle the focus of your problems. If, after our initial technological contact, you would like to take the next step toward discovering whether or not I'm the therapist for you, we can set a paid appointment to further explore your questions, concerns, and goals toward better mental health.

Call me.
See me.

I am currently meeting with clients online only.

Mailing Address
4023 37th Avenue South
Seattle, WA  98118
"Don't I know you...?"
Dual Relationships

As big and vast as this world and community are, they can also be surprisingly small sometimes. If you should happen to know me in a context other than as a mental health provider, professional ethics prevent me from being your therapist. If you know me socially or in any other arena, please feel free to contact me for a referral to another provider. If you should happen to make an appointment with me without realizing we know each other in some personal way, ethics demand that I discontinue our session as soon as I/you/we realize that relationship already exists. I will be glad to refer you to another provider at that time, should you be interested.
If you are in doubt as to our previous acquaintance, or the relative appropriateness of working with me, please let me know by phone or email, so that we might discuss your concerns.
Please note the following regarding our relationship boundaries once care is established:

1)  I will not, at any time, have a social relationship with you outside of my office, whether we have ended our therapy relationship or not.  I will not accept social or family event invitations from you, and I will not offer them to you.  This is not for a lack of interest or care.
2)  I will not, at any time, have physical or sexual contact with you, aside from shaking your hand as a greeting or parting.
3)  To ensure your confidentiality as a client, if I were to see you in public at any time, I will not initiate any contact or familiarity with you.  If you choose to initiate a visible or audible greeting, I will reciprocate but I will not attempt further communication unless you request it.
4)  I will not, at any time, have a relationship with you beyond my range of psychotherapy, counseling, and referral services, as well as the collection of fees for these professional services.  While this includes not having any social or sexual relationships with you, it also includes any business and financial relationships.  Also, I will not provide any services beyond my expertise, including legal or medical advisement.
5)  I will only provide appropriate referrals to other health professionals, with your consent.  I do not make referrals to lawyers, accountants, financial planners, credit counselors, and other non-healthcare related individuals and agencies.  I do not accept payments for giving referrals.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding dual relationships.

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