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Trans Resource Guide

for King Co, WA!!  By and for the trans* communities! Find the resources best suited to your situation and needs here.
Other guides for Seattle and for many U.S. cities (including those created by NGOs) can be found by searching "trans resource guides" on the Internet.

Kristen Knapick Seattle therapist supervisor transgender kinky poly sex worker LGBT queer

For those seeking letters for HRT/GCS (hormone replacement therapy/gender affirming surgery), I am qualified to write these letters to any provider in the U.S. requiring a letter from a therapist, mental health counselor, and/or Master's level provider. I write each letter specific to you and your needs, based on the requirements your physician/insurance carrier gives you. Be sure to ask all relevant parties for their content requirements to ensure the letter I write for you will be accepted. 

As a provider of mental health services, I have taken the Provider Pledge and stated by the Gender Affirming Letter Access Project ( I will not play gatekeeper for your letter, and I write all letters pro bono for the uninsured and underinsured. If you have insurance, the fee is $155.

HOW TO: When you have found a medical provider, make your case for simple informed consent for the treatment you want. If you still would like a letter for your provider, find out what their requirements are for the letter (and those of your insurance carrier if applicable), then contact me for an appointment. You'll need to provide the following info before we can review/pass off your completed letter:


**Be sure to share any templates you might be given for your letter.


1. your date of birth

2.your name as it appears on your records and chosen if different

3. Your pronouns and gender identity

4. the medical name of the hormone/procedure you're having

5. age when you began to identify as a different gender

6. what year/age you began living "full time" in your true gender

7. if/when you began HRT or had gender-related procedures

8. do you have a support system? who's in it (friends, family, etc.)

9. previous mental health diagnosis and ways you treat them

10. the addresses to which you would like the letter sent


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